Cheeseburger. 10 years craving.


Over the last few months I have done so much reflecting for so many reasons. I really wanted to share this with you, to prove to you, that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it.  Sorry, I know that sounds cliche, but its true.

July 2016 marks 10 years since I sat at home as a 16 year old boy and wondered what to do with my life. I looked at an almost empty bank account and thought ‘what can this £3 be spent on’.

I had my first major life choice to make… ‘A Big Mac’ or ‘A Domain Name’, I won’t tell you what my gut told me, but I chose a domain name.

This domain name paved the way to change my life.

Over the last decade, through tough times, and great times, that one life choice has helped me grow my web design company Damteq from absolutely nothing, to an agency with a great team of people, a modern office, and over 350 clients based all over the UK (and beyond). We have never had a business loan or any type of financial support, the business has been sustained through organic growth alone.

I grew up in a normal family, and no one had ever run a business before, so I entered into the world of unknown. The risk-taking has been high and I have often sat with my eyes closed tightly, praying that I made the right choice.

However, through the ‘mostly’ calculated risk-taking we have won various awards and in late 2015 was awarded as a Top 50 UK Based Digital Marketing Agency by TopSEO’s. Our services have grown too, we now offer everything a business needs to work and flourish online, and in total I’ve setup, invested and run a total of 11 online businesses.

All of the businesses in the group are focused on the customer. We never settle for anything less than perfect in terms of customer service and with everything we do we offer a simple, realistic and honest approach. Over the years I have learned that companies often over-complicate things for absolutely no reason, so we don’t follow the leader of what is perceived to be the right way to work. My attitude helps keep team morale high, encouraging everyone in the business to work hard, keeping productivity up and as an end result, this reflects on every project we do, and keeps the client happy.

Not only have I been busy in the office, but more recently I’ve bought a beautiful first home and in just two weeks time, I become a married man. When I look back, I think of the absolutely incredible journey I have been on in the last ten years.

Moral of the story, it’s bloody hard work but if you have the passion and drive you are capable of achieving anything. Life will often give you back what you put into it. Money is the reward that comes from the hard work, but once you get it, don’t let it go to your head, use the money to make more money. Invest wisely.

Oh, also, if you’ve got a life choice to make and only £3…
Don’t choose the cheeseburger.

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